“La Chutte” New mural by 3ttman in Madrid

French artist 3ttman was recently in Madrid where he painted this monumental piece in in Usera, Madrid. Titled “chute” which means “fall” in French, deals according to the artist with “the inevitable plunge … Continue reading

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Blaqk goes Sunday Painting in Chalkida, Greece

Its been a while since we last heard from the Greek duo Blaqk, consisting of artists Greg Papagrigoriou and Simek. Taking advantage of the decaying scenery the duo creates a haunting piece that is the result … Continue reading

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Elian x the Artesano Project in Dominican Republic

Argentinian artist Elian is back in the Caribbean where he recently finished this new mural for the Artesano Project, an international mural project taking place in the small beach town of Río San … Continue reading

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‘The inevitable side’ by Pablo S. Herrero New mural x Memorie Urbane in Arnara, Italy

After a wonderful collaboration with DOA about a month ago (covered), Pablo S. Herrero headed to Italy where after a few days of harsh weather he finally finished this new … Continue reading

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Simek x Nelio New collaborative wall in Lyon, France

Greek Graphic designer & artist Christos Tzafer also known as SIMEK was recently in Lyon where he painted this quick new collaborative piece with French artist Nelio inspired by their … Continue reading

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Doa Ocampo “Reforestando Interiores”

Last time we heard from Doa Ocampo was after a collaboration with Pablo S. Herrero about a month ago (covered). ‘Reforestando interiores’ (Reforesting Interiors) is pretty much what Doa does by depicting nature … Continue reading

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Axel Void “Life” x the RAW Project in Wynwood, Miami

This wonderful mural by Axel Void was painted as part of the Raw Project in the José De Diego Middle School in Miami, Florida, a project that invited many artists from all … Continue reading

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MORIK New mural in Wynwood, Miami

Russian artist Morik made it to Miami for this year’s Art Basel during which he painted this lovely mural. For the occasion, he decided to paint something close to the … Continue reading

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BLU’s Berlin murals buffed. Here is (probably) why.

Last night two of the most popular murals in Berlin Kreuzberg were painted over. The murals, painted in 2007 and 2008 by the Italian artist Blu. One of them featured a … Continue reading

December 12, 2014 · 2 Comments

Daan Botlek x St. Art India in Mumbai

Here another fantastic mural by Dutch artist & illustrator Daan Botlek whose minimalistic artworks seem to have a life of their own interacting with the environment around them in the most amazing ways. Botlek spent few … Continue reading

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