ONCE paints mural installation in Badalona, Spain

Here a brand new street piece by Spanish graffiti artist ONCE recently painted in Badalona, Spain and curated by Spogo. Characteristic of ONCE’s work is the search for transparency effects, overlays and juxtapositions between planes of colour and light and of course the incorporation of letter-based work to his geometric compositions. Location: Carrer Milà i Fontanals, Badalona.


New mural by Millo for Vilnius Street Art Festival

Italian artist Francesco Camillo Giorgino, maybe better known as Millo spent a few days in Vilnius, Lithuania invited to take part of this year’s Vilnius Street Art Festival and for which he painted this clever and sweet mural. Known for his monochromatic and bold style, Millo, who has a background in architecture, decided in this occasion to play with the architecture and structure…


‘Mediocre’ New mural by Axel Void x Dismaland

Axel Void spent a few days in the UK invited to take part of ‘Dismaland’ Banksy’s new ‘bemusement park’ for which he painted this wonderful piece in Weston-Super-Mare. Titled Mediocre, the mural not only forms part of Void’s acclaimed ‘Mediocre series’, but is also a clear statement that follows the logic of the unusual park…


Matt W. Moore ‘Shadows’ at 886Geary Gallery

Shadows is American artist and designer Matt W. Moore latest project product of a two-month stay in Oakland, CA, and a two-week residency within 886 Geary Gallery and for which he created a completely new body of work. The exhibition consists of both an installation (images below) and a series of greyscale cut-paper mosaics created in Montreal…