Daan Botlek x the If Paradise Is Half As Nice project in Leipzig, Germany

Dutch visual artist Daan Botlek is back in Leipzig, Germany invited to take part of the always interesting project If Paradise Is Half As Nice for which he created a series of interesting pieces that clearly reflect his interest in experimenting with site-specific installations and new ways of presenting his work. Botlek’s characters, often simple and site-specific, interact with the surrounding architectural elements in the…

basik- Nostoi-Fest-Gerocarne-italy-1

BASIK x Nostoi Fest in Gerocarne, Italy

Titled “The Artist as Saint Roch squaring the circle on a wall in Gerocarne” and painted for the Nostoi Fest in Gerocarne, Italy, this new mural by Italian artist BASIK speaks about the concept of “return”. Nostoi, from the Greek Νόστοι or “Returns”, is also known as Returns or Returns of the Greeks, a lost epic poem of ancient Greek literature. is…


SATONE “Oasis” New mural in Washington DC

“A few weeks ago i was commissioned to paint a mural in Washington DC. The building is located in Arlington, an extremely tidy, clean and almost sterile courthouse area which made an impact on me. That’s the reason I decided to leave behind something refreshing and eye-catching. The image of an oasis, isolated in a desert came to my mind that at least supplies Arlingtons inhabitants with a “visual habitat“.”


Hyuro x Willoke Festival in Moteleone di Puglia, Italy

Hyuro was recently in south-eastern Italy where she painted this symbolic mural for this year’s Willoke Festival in Moteleone di Puglia. The wall is located in the Piazza Municipio of Monteleone di Puglia city in Italy, a place that saw the first popular uprising against the fascist regime happen the morning of August 23 in 1942.  It…